Google and Digital Marketing for B2B in 2013

Eric Liggett
General Manager

There are many different directions companies are going in terms of digital marketing in 2013, but make no mistake about the trend, it is definitely to more and more digital. Digital comes in all shapes and sizes but we’ll see more agencies popping up this year that are focused on an integrated digital strategy.

So how does Google fit into the digital marketing mix? Well there are some interesting trends. First, organic searches declined by 4% year over year in 2012. There was also a decline in b2b pay per click. In a recent article published by Owen Thomas he cited Steve Job’s prediction at the 2010 D8 Conference. Jobs said people are going to apps. "They’re not just going to websites. And people love apps. This is an entirely new thing – they aren’t using search, they’re using apps like Yelp."

Does this mean the Google is headed out to the line to dry? Consider this, Optify, who is the leading innovator in digital marketing software released their annual b2b marketing benchmark report. The report shows that Google dominates the b2b segment by controlling 90% of the market in 2012. The report also showed that organic search is the strongest driver of traffic to b2b sites.

Companies are continuing to invest more into social media. But social media only drives a small amount of traffic to b2b websites and accounts for only 5% of the b2b segment.

If you're in b2b marketing you might also want to forget about investing more into facebook. Twitter out performed facebook in lead generation campaigns by 9 to 1.

While Google's b2b pay per click is down, primarily due to a move away from web searches, it still produces lead generation unmatched by social media. In 2012 Google invested heavily into analytics. Google analytics is as strong as it’s ever been and now it is rolling out a whole new suite of analytics services. Google analytics is bolstered by "Google Analytics Certified Partners" who offer everything from web measurement planning to custom dashboard development.

And this is where Google has strategically placed itself. By providing new analytics to their business customers Google has generated a whole new revenue stream. With Google giving their customers more information they keep b2b search powerful. This in turn keeps Google at the top for the b2b marketing segment.

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