Direct Mail – BORING?

Eric Liggett
General Manager

Let’s admit it. Sending out mail seems archaic. When I tell people I work for a direct mailing company I always get asked the question of whether mail is just going away completely. In the past I haven’t always been armed with facts about why mail is still a viable way for brands to communicate with consumers. I’ll give you some quick facts for you to arm yourself with the next time you question using direct mail. The Direct Marketing Association recently looked at the effectiveness of different consumer marketing channels. In particular telemarketing, direct mail and email. Telemarketing firmly lead the way in response rates, however mail showed far stronger results than email. Mail was 3% times more likely to have a positive response rate than email.

I’m trying to keep this short and before I lose you, here are a few quick facts from a recent USPS study.
  • 98% of consumers bring in the mail the day it is delivered
  • 77% Sort through their mail immediately
  • 67% feel mail is more personal than online advertising
  • 64% order from the mail they received within the last month
  • Lastly, online shoppers who interact w/brands using multiple media spend 30% more than those using a single medium.
That’s it. Nothing fancy. Boring? Probably. Important? Yes!

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